Did you come to be enlighted or soak in your loathing ways ?


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Can all you Crabs break your Chelles ? Its Cancer Season bitchessss. 
#MoneyMakingMission (shouts out to the kitchen) Squidward sour ass cleaning all the dirty dishes.
They ain’t got nothing on her They ain’t got nothing on you They ain’t got nothing on you Hoes ain’t got nothing on you  Boooow boow

When Jay Z jokingly told Timbaland he needed “that bounce,” in what is now a legendary scene from the documentary, Fade to Black, he was probably looking ahead to the future and tracks like Big Face Paper Gang’s latest, “Bleu Cheese.” Even though it comes years after that classic studio session for “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” “Bleu Cheese,” has a similar kick and shameless braggadocio from Heeno Deaux and Ben Frank Jr., paying homage to all things blue cheese: money, weed, and yes, the food. The Weatherman-produced jam is the third release off of BFPG’s forthcoming project, The Campaign Vol. 2. Listen out for “Bleu Cheese” on area radio, and beyond.

Pretty pussy Milly.
"Watch your mouth Mali, it stirs emotions" - Damalis

Six second clip to wet your eye buds. 

Happy birthday to my Liberian doll. I found our Edinbrook book of aspirations. You said you wanted to be in fashion and music. Keep doing what you doing because i see it in your pictures and smile. Love youuuu.